Posted by: ~KC~ | November 1, 2008

So Sorry…

I know.

I’ve been bad.

Really bad.

Spank me.


I didn’t mean to disappear for so long.

I swear!

Everything happened so quickly – that I didn’t even stop to think about updating WP.  I’ve also been so busy on Avanoo that I neglected my other blogging spot!


So how do I sum up the last month and a half?


After being shoved out the door on 17Sep with very little time to prepare or even notify everyone I was going to be in their neck of the woods… I drove like a mad woman across the US – doing the treck in 3.5 days.  Stopping every night with strong words of admonition – do NOT stop, take side trips or pick up strangers.  Check in EVERY night.



Oh well… I did just that though.

I survived without getting lost.

Well… I did get lost in Michigan – my first night on the road, missing my exit completely – and taken me a whole two hours out of the way.


I got into Vancouver on 22Sep after spending a day in Seattle with friends.  I had been prepared to stay in a hotel until all the paper work was finalized with SNC Lavalin, my to-be employer.  They pretty much guaranteed me a position – verbally.  After being deeked around for a week by them – I finally went in to meet with the Senior Director of Operations, Monday 29Sep.


He told me he wouldn’t hire me.  I was over-qualified.

And that was that – it was his final decision.

I was royally pissed off – I mean had I had chosen to stay at a hotel like originally planned (my cousin, whom I hadn’t been in contact with for over 15 years (reunited thanks to Facebook), offered me up a place to stay – a spare room, private bathroom in her basement, free) – I would have been screwed.  Royally.  I was livid.


My ass.

Oh – and the kicker… LOL… “IF you can’t find anything in about two-three months time, give me a call – I’ll see what I can do for you.  We can work out something. Just remember: It’ll take time to find a good job in this town – but the opportunities in Vancouver are there – just be patient  You’ll thank me for this!!

And today … I do, although I won’t tell him that.


But I didn’t have time to sit and wallow.

I have a mortgage to pay.

And my money was running out – FAST.

So I hit the ground running – I had been keeping an eye on the job market in the area – just in case.  (Perhaps I knew all along… something far better was around the corner?)  I had seen a few excellent opportunities and knew I had to act fast.


The first week – I sent out MANY résumés and strong cover letters.  Nothing ever really happens on the first week.  But the waiting was hard.  You’re self-confidence is challenged a bit.


By the second week – the calls started coming in.  Interviews were setup.  Well – ONE interview was setup for that week, others were coming in for the following week.


The ONE interview, changed my life.  It was with a head-hunter.  In fact, we share the same last name, one that isn’t very common, at least not in these parts.  So that caught her attention – and then my résumé jolted her.  She had me come in right away.  We hit it off.  The position I was applying was perfect for me.  And the company – the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Committee (VANOC).


Within two days time, I was sitting in VANOC’s offices, hitting a homerun – impressing the Director of Procurement to the point of being offered the position less than 10 mins AFTER getting home from the interview.  I hadn’t even had the opportunity to change when the offer came in!  And what an offer!!!  I of course, immediately accepted.


I had spent the drive home from the interview contemplating this opportunity.  It isn’t a ‘permanent’ position with longevity, like the others I had applied for and had interviews scheduled for the following week.  No.  This is a 15 months duration, full employee, salary, with full benefits.  But I knew this was an opportunity of a life time – that I had an opportunity to do something completely new, but something that I had done before.  It was EXACTLY what I had been asking for… So the decision was a no-brainer!  I now have this excellent opportunity to help make the possible – possible!  I am part of the Olympic experience!  How cool is that???


I started that following Tuesday (the offer came in on Thursday & Monday was the Canadian Thanksgiving).  And it’s been almost month already.  What an amazing place!!!  And although I am bound by confidentially – all I can say is WOW!!!  I am learning sooo much while applying everything I’ve ever done before.  I will share with you things that I can… but a lot of it, until its had a full media release – I cannot but I promise you – IT’S SUPER COOL!!!


Oh, the best part is… what I’m doing now – I was told for the last 9 years I wasn’t qualified to do at General Dynamics.  That I didn’t have anything to offer – and here at VANOC – they couldn’t WAIT to hire me because of what I DO have to offer.  And when they found out at GD – many were shocked, in disbelief.  Many are jealous and I have a handful who are incredibly happy and proud of me… I showed them all up!


I found a place (a whole other story in itself – to be told another time) in Burnaby, ten mins away from work.  My father is in Alberta with my brother for the next month, working.  My house still hasn’t sold – and it’s been a huge source of stress for me.  I am looking at renting it out if it doesn’t sell by this coming December.  I have friends staying in it now – so that it doesn’t sit vacant.  My house is the last thing keeping me tied to SW Ontario.  It’s a source of stress that keeps me from fully living life to the fullest here in BC.  But I find a way to make it happen.  Rent & mortgage… never thought I’d see that day happen.


All in all… things aren’t bad at all.

There is sooo much more going on… but I wanted to let you all know I am still alive and living an incredible dream!  No more walking on egg-shells at work or sick from stress because of the abuse I put up with.  I find myself smiling a lot and excited about the unknown that is tomorrow.  I might still be bound to yesterday but I believe in my heart of hearts it’s just a matter of time.


So I’ll keep it at this for now… and I promise to try to keep this up a bit better.  So much more to write… so much more to share… so much more to talk about!!!


I’m sorry to those whom I’ve neglected… and even more sorry to RC – for I never got to stop in to visit… and didn’t have access to be able to tell you so.  You deserved much better from me, that what you got.


  1. Just glad to know you are okay, because I’ve been worried. The blogging world is a strange one, and you always wonder how you will find out if something happened to someone, since it is such a different community.

    Congratulations and I wish you much luck! (Hope the house sells!)

  2. Glad to hear Vancouver is everything you had hoped for & much more, just keep us nosy types in the loop every now & then when time allows.

    Now did you say something about wanting to get spanked? 😉

  3. I knew bits and pieces (thanks to FB) but glad to read the longer version. Glad things have come together like they have.

    Enjoy the ride!!

  4. Now for the complete story. It is a good story at that. Congrats again.

  5. Welcome back…

  6. Okay… It has been about a month again. Check-in. 😉

  7. Hello??? Miss you and hope you are well!

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