Posted by: ~KC~ | January 20, 2009

Puppetry of the …. Masses.

So – I’m not buying into the hype.

I’m not even hopeful.

Very sceptical.

I mean – I really want to be hopeful but the world made a mere mortal man into an idol, a messiah – the saviour of not just the US, but of the entire world.


Seriously now?

How realistic is that?

People are wanting changes.

And he speaks beautifully of change.

That he does VERY well.

He sounds human.

And yes, he can be inspiring.


But we live in a world where people are devoid of hope.

Devoid of energy.

Lazy with complacency.


My faith in mankind is limited to the extend that it believes in me.


And yes – I am one of very few people who don’t share his views. 

Or that of the majority.

I don’t believe his hype.

The media created hype.

I don’t believe what the world made him.

He is one man with the weight of the WORLD on him.

And yes, it is my responsibility as a citizen of the world, to pull up my socks & pants and do my part.  And dammit, I’ve been doing my part.  All this time.

But my beliefs, my concerns, my issues with this Presidential election and now with the new and shiny puppet in office… whom the world has put all faith in…

Isn’t there.

And I have been punished for it.

Apparently, I’m being negative.

Apparently, I can’t see beyond my own issues, concerns.

Because I don’t have the same faith that others do… I am being ignored by others.

I am apparently negative because I’m not falling for the hype.

I want action.

Not words.

Because what HE does, what HIS administration does… impacts me.  Canada.  The world.

It’s not just an American thing.

America made it so, by claiming to be THE world power… and taking that stance on the world stage.

So forgive me for failing to have faith and confidence in a man, in a POLITICIAN… whom ALL have had insanely poor track records of keeping their word.

He is no different.

He is a man.  He is a Politician.

Time will tell…


Sorry that I was interrupting ‘you’ while you watched it on TV.

But I’m at work.

And I didn’t get the day off to watch this historical moment.

And you congregated around the printer and photocopier.

And I had a meeting and needed to print and photocopy.

You’re sighs – not necessary.

You’re disgusted look – suck it up buttacup.


Is this a historical moment?

Damn right it is.  Long overdue, as well.

How antiquated are we in our perceptions and racism that it took… how long to put a black man in office?  Still can’t get a woman in office.  Sad.  Pathetic.

And we say we are superior because we are in North America.



This election was going to be historical REGARDLESS.

With the poor selection of candidates… but an interesting mix – it was going to be nothing short of picking the lesser of two evils – and make history, regardless.

Canada isn’t any better… LOL.

Our selection of politicians is pathetic and very poor.

No Canadian election has ever conjured up the kind of response this past American election has.

And I hope that people will look at what went down in the US… and see how can we get our own people involved in our country’s change.

Can we make our politicians keep their word, keep them under fire?


How do you make a lazy country, change?

How do you incite a country who got lazy about change and has fallen into complacency for oh… say the last 100 years or so… to change?

People say – I’m inspired!!!

Great… now what are you going to do?

Are you going to wait until someone else takes action first…?

Are you going to wait until someone acts first?

Or fall behind what has been the last 100 years – because it’s easy?


Again… my faith in mankind is to the extent that it extends it’s in me.

Oh yeah.


I’m being negative again.

That’s right – ignore me.

I’m used to it.

I want change too.

But lemme tell you – I’m not waiting anymore.  And its not coming because of one man.

It’s because of me.

Trying to live an authentic life, with my own opinions and beliefs, in a VERY inauthentic world.

Call it what you want.

I’m choosing to wait and see before I jump on this band wagon.

I don’t buy the hype.

I’m not going to be herded by the masses… produced media images and personality.

And I’m entitled to believe that.


Oh – I know it’s not the update you wanted.

That will come.

I just needed to get this out before I explode…



  1. Nicely said. And I won’t get into my political choice on here, since I’m sure you saw my very middle-ground approach via my blog earlier. Well, maybe… If you were popping in at all…

    I think all politicians are too groomed, and I’ve lost faith in a single person in office making the big difference. Like you, I think it is up to everyone. And as I’ve mentioned to many, I also think the President has very little power when you look at our government as a whole.

    So, am I proud due to the breaking of racial barriers? Yes, but I also want to see more females in these positions.

    Do I see our new President as a savior or the answer to all our prayers? No. He is one man, who I will support as my President – as I would have supported any elected President. That is my duty. Not to agree with everything, but to offer my support, and to pray he does a good job, since his actions, or rather the actions of his administration, will impact so many.

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