Posted by: ~KC~ | January 21, 2009

Thank You for Your Patience…

So how do I do this?

How do I sum this all up real quick and pretty, not leaving out key details but without going into too many details…?


1)      Still in Vancouver, BC.  I did find a crappy apartment in Vancouver… of course expensive.  To find a pet friendly apartment in this city is very difficult – something that has surprised me.  For a city that is insanely rich in natural resources and wild life – it is extremely unfriendly towards domesticated animals.  This is something that I have NEVER experienced in my life and struggle with.  My crappy apartment is pet friendly (or I should say – the manager turns a blind eye to the fact that ¾ of the tenants have pets – the owners of the building might feel differently but they NEVER come around)  I was initially going to just stay at this apartment temporarily and aim for a more central, downtown place but being that I am fairly close to work (could walk if I wanted too) and it is pet friendly… the hassles of moving … I might just stick it out.  It is only for a year or so… until I decide what do to after the Olympics…


2)     Speaking of the Olympics… I’m still working for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games… and loving it.  Sure it has its moments as does any job – but what I’m learning is almost robbery.  And no… I don’t get free tickets to events just because I work here.  Well let me clarify that – I don’t free tickets to any of the Olympic events… I will be working them – and not be able to enjoy the Games as a spectator.  I have quickly figured out that if I want to attend or be part of any of the events going now, as we lead up to the Games… one must volunteer.  So – I’ve volunteered to work some of the Cultural Olympiad events… to get to see a few amazing Canadian artists being showcased.  Why not?  I am still very restricted by what I can say or talk about pertaining to my job… but I can tell you this much – it is NOT VANOC who is asking the Government for $500M to complete the Athletes Olympic Village – it is the City of Vancouver.  The construction of the Village was something that the City took on – not VANOC.  We are very much on track with all of our projects, adjusting to the ever changing economic climate we all find ourselves in.


3)      Stepping back a bit here… my father is no longer living with me.  He made a decision to move back to Calgary… something that came about initially, to help me out financially – while I carried both my mortgage back on the house in Ontario and pay for a life here in BC.  I have no idea how I did it… but I did.  Now my father – decided that he preferred to be back in Calgary than in Vancouver.  He had a hard time with the grayness of Vancouver during the winter months.  He also does not want to be a reason for me not taking opportunities that will/have presented to me overseas.  (Working for this Olympic Organizing Committee allows me to be considered to work for the next ones in London, England and Soshi, Russia etc…)  It’s been difficult.  I miss him.  But I also love having my own space back… the freedom to get out and explore on my own terms (not that I couldn’t do it before… but I always felt guilty if I didn’t take him with me), and who knows – possibly date without having to tip toe around the fact that I have my father living with me and in the next room.  Have no doubt about it… I miss him.  A lot.


4)     I touched on the house… it finally sold!!!  Oh dear lord that was hard.  A process I don’t think I ever want to go thru again.  I almost lost it all.  The day before I got the offer – I sat in a Bankruptcy Trustee’s office, all prepared to hand over the keys.  And thru honest conversation, we decided to try a different route as the only reason I was sitting in that room was because I could handle the financial burden the house had become.  I wasn’t late on any of my mortgage payments – but everything else was getting hit – bad.  I came home and made arrangements to do a lease-to-own deal with a real estate investor who had showed signs of interest in my house (but didn’t want to buy it) and said he could help me with the mortgage payments by going this route.  The next morning, after sending a letter to my agent asking to cancel the listing (I had but a few days left on it before it expired) – within minutes, she contacted me to say that an offer was on the table.  I had a week & half to get it all done – and very hard to do while I was living across the country… and over Christmas.  But I got it done.  I didn’t make any money on the sell of the house (I had dropped the total asking price by $25,000) – hardly even getting my deposit back.  But it’s done!!!  And it sold to a famous Canadian artist and sculptor – and so I appreciate the notoriety of it all (although not a fan of his work at all… Patrick Landsley… Google him).  The deal closed on 30Dec08.  Just in time to start the New Year… anew.  The hard thing right now is trying to pick up the pieces, from ground zero.  But it’s not impossible now.  It can and will be done.


5)     I haven’t been blog hopping at all.  Sorry for being so absent.  I wasn’t even posting much on Avanoo either.  In fact, due to some recent events, I’m taking a break from Avanoo as well – some distance is required… and I want to start writing about what I want – speak my mind and have it read by more than 15 people.  Narcissistic? Ok. Maybe.  Whatever – but I’ve decided to come back to WP and post when the urge hits me.  I have some catching up to do – that I know.  It will be hard to do so regularly as we get into the final stages of the Games – my time will be all eaten up.  But I will do my best.


6)     I’m not dating anyone.  I’m finding it very difficult to meet people in Vancouver.  I’m finding it even MORE difficult to find a decent guy who doesn’t think a full-figured/plus size chick, such as myself, is repulsive.  Nice eh?  I’d rather be single.  Trust me.


7)      I had wanted to do some travelling this first half of the year but some plans aren’t coming into fruition as anticipated.  Right now, the only travel plan that is in the works is Hawaii in April.  That hasn’t been booked yet… but it’s almost finalised.  I would like to do more but some VERY creative accounting will have to happen… if happen at all.  And if it doesn’t happen – I’ve found other areas of interest that is keeping me busy.


8)     Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve come to realise that I have some skillz with the lens.  I’ve discovered that I actually really enjoy photography.  I’m very much an amateur – but I’m enjoying discovering Nature and a skill set that I didn’t even know I had.  I did buy a new digital camera (with the meagre funds from the sale of the house) – the Cannon G10.  And I will admit it – it’s a very intimidating camera.  And I’m determined to figure it out.  I will be posting a lot of the pictures I’ve been taking… so get used to seeing that!!!  Any feedback is appreciated.


Alright so – that should do for now, eh?

Do you feel all caught up??

LOL… now it’s my turn to go walk about blogland… and I really do need to get back to work.  They are pretty lax and laid back around here – but I also don’t want to push my luck.


Oh and to summarize it all…

I have absolutely NO regrets about leaving Ontario.

And although I miss my friends sooo much… I have no intentions of moving back.  I spent 14 years there.  I’ve had enough.  Time to keep going Westward… at least until I come back to the middle.  Ya know what I mean???



  1. You’ve been busy, so I understand the lack of communication.

    As for the artist, it isn’t my style.

    How exciting that you will be considered for other Olympic positions!

    That is about it for me for now…

  2. Woo hoo, so there’s a possibility you’ll be working @ the 2012 Olympics? Cool.

    London, England is a great city but its full of Londoners… that’s why I live miles away from it. 🙂

  3. That is wonderful that you sold your house. At least you don’t have to worry about that. At least you are in a new job and doing what you wanted to do.

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