Posted by: ~KC~ | January 23, 2009

Upcoming Sport Events

I’m getting a little excited about some of the upcoming Olympic qualifying Sport Events – World Cup Events – bringing world athletes to the city of Vancouver and Whistler.  Many of these events are actually free to the public – so that’s an added bonus – to help people get into the Olympic spirit.


Now as I write this, I feel the need to admit something… a confession of sorts.


I know very little about Olympic Events.  Even less about the individual Sports competing at the Olympic Games.  And on more than one occasion I’ve questioned what right do I have to be working for VANOC with my very limited knowledge of the industry in which I am supporting – and then I remember – what I do… my function and role within the organization… doesn’t require me to have extensive knowledge of the Games.  BUT lemme tell ya – whoa!  I’m learning sooo much – as a Contracts Administrator, in Procurement – the goods and services that I need to procure/engage to make this magic happen is incredibly fascinating!  It would have helped me out even more to know a thing or two about the Olympic Games!!! Never in a million years would I ever have an opportunity to work for a company that allows me to expand my contracting knowledge… in both the Public and Private sector… and the diversity of goods & services – holy!!!  I do feel blessed!  Because I never worked in the role of Contracts Administrator the way I am working in it now…


OK… so now I’ve admitted to my incredibly flawed existence… (yeah.. so I exaggerate at times too… since I am on the confession bandwagon (someone get me off it!!!))… I’ll get back to some of the incredibly cool upcoming events I would love to go watch…


So – I thought I would share some information about some of these competitions – from what little information I do know!!!


This weekend, at the Whistler Nordic Park – the FIS Nordic Festival is happening.  I went to the opening of the Olympic Park and went up to the top of the ski jumps… whoa!  Talk about vertigo!  It was really impressive to say the least… here are some of the pics I took while there a month ago.






One of the great things about these events is that they are FREE to attend by the public.  Now I have seen ski jumping on TV before… but having walked the Olympic Park and been to the top of the jumps looking down – I am in awe that people would volunteer to propel themselves down them on two thin skis at lightening speed… is beyond me, honestly!

Being a fan of cross-country skiing – it would be really cool to see it done at a level that I can’t even imagine.  Now – you get a completely different perspective when you watch the Paralympic cross-country events – holy!  When a visually-impaired person competes in these events, breaking records – with only the aid of a guide (who MUST keep up and provide only limited guidance) – it is VERY humbling.  OR watching a person with a disability compete in these events, again – breaking records… is incredibly humbling for me, who as a fully able-bodied person can’t even find the energy to get active… You gain a different perspective and appreciation for the human spirit.

I am going to plan to attend this weekend’s Nordic Festival events up at Whistler – pending no interruptions … and report back.

But I thought it would be cool to share the schedule of upcoming Sport Events schedule – for those who might be interested – who can participate/attend/watch on TV…



January Events

16-18 Jan – FIS Ski Jumping World Cup at Whistler Olympic Park


February Events

04-08 Feb – ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championship at Pacific Coliseum

05-07 Feb – FIBT Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Cup at Whistler Sliding Centre

05-07 Feb – FIS Freestyle World Cup at Cypress Mountain

12-15 Feb – FIS Snowboard World Cup at Cypress Mountain

20-21 Feb – FIL Luge World Cup at Whistler Sliding Centre

21-26 Feb – WCF Wheelchair Curling World Championship at Vancouver Paralympic Center

24 Feb – 01 Mar – Hockey Canada Cup – Sledge Hockey at UBC Thunderbird Arena


March Events

04-07 Mar – IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country World Cup at Vancouver Olympic Park

05-15 Mar – World Junior Curling Championship at Vancouver Olympic Centre

09-14 Mar – IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals at Whistler Creekside

11-15 Mar – IBU Biathlon World Cup at Whistler Olympic Park

12-15 Mar – ISU World Single Distance Speed Distance Skating Championship at Richmond Oval


One of the first things I got to do when I first arrived at VANOC was to fire a Biathlon riffle – and let me tell you – I only got 3 of my 5 hits… and although that isn’t a bad shot – I had time to stop, adjust and look.  I can’t imagine carrying this heavy riffle on my back while speed cross-country’ing in full competition mode, throwing myself to the ground, aim, shoot and get them all.  Again – I gained a whole new appreciation for the sport.


So … I will do what I can to write what I can about these pretty cool events… share any pictures as I can or take of these events with you all…





  1. Have fun at your events, and like you, I’m not very educated at all of the events. Loving all the photos of the beautiful scenes surrounding you!

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