Posted by: ~KC~ | February 7, 2009

Lost and Found

When I first moved to BC, I met online this man… whom I’ve dubbed Mr. Juno.

I call him that because he actually won a Juno (Canada’s equivalent to a Grammy) many years ago for a Rap album (pretty hardcore rap even by today’s standards).  He’s important to our Canadian music history but has asked me to not identify him by his real name.

Anyhow… the potential for romance was there but life and fear (mostly on his part) got in the way… and nothing happened other than a great friendship.

Well Mr. Juno is still producing music in Vancouver and still plays an important role in the local Reggae scene, playing/producing up and coming artists.  But… he is now moving back to Ontario after many years of being away… to be with family and hopefully find a loving and supportive environment  for his young son.

In all his years of being in Vancouver – he’s never been to the top of a mountain.  I find that a bit funny but I can understand how time flies by in a blink of an eye.  And since I’ve been in BC – I’ve not yet visited our local mountains – and didn’t have plans yet to visit… it just seem to make sense…

So in the spirit of making things happen  – being the ‘Rain-Maker’ that I am (yeah… OK!)  I took him to the top of a mountain… in fact, two mountains.  Mount Seymour (but it was very gray and snowing) and then to Mount Grouse – where we saw amazing views of the city.  It was very romantic in many ways… without it being, well, romantic…  But I got in as many pictures as I could before the batteries on my camera died.  A fan who recognized Mr. Juno wanted to get his picture taken with him… being recognized by many as we walked around.  Perhaps my only taste of the ‘sweet life’… but not one that I would want to live on a regular basis!

I do wish my friend a safe trip home… after all the years.  But I know… he’ll be back.  Mark my words!





  1. As I don’t know the whole rap genre all that well (isn’t my style), I probably would have no clue who he is. Sorry the romance didn’t happen, but glad you had fun, at least – and maybe a “beautiful friendship.”

  2. The pictures are wonderful. I like the one of you, that turned out great.

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