Posted by: ~KC~ | February 19, 2009

Fun Days at the Office

Just another day at the office… where you get to meet 6-time Olympian medalist speed skater (long track) Cindy Klassen… you know the first Canadian to ever win 5 gold medals at Olympic Games (2006 Torino, Italy)? Yeah – her! Our most decorated Canadian Olympian!

She spent time with VANOC sharing her Olympic experiences and what it means to have the Winter Games in Canada, her home turff. She was very gracious and generous with her time, posing for pictures and sharing her story. It was an honour to have her pose with me – and I will definitely be rooting for her at the coming Games!!

Go Cindy Go!!!

Speed Skater Olympian Cindy Klassen
Speed Skater Olympian Cindy Klassen


And this is me holding the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch… surprisingly sleek and a little on the weighty side but certainly manageable! Perhaps my one and only chance of ever holding an Olympic Torch in this life time… LOL!!!



  1. Okay – this job opportunity has been way too cool for you. Jealous on the whole “holding the torch” thing.

  2. hi hi hi!!! After 9 years of B.S. and pain – I’m enjoying this for sure!!!

  3. Now how cool is that. Great picture of you.

  4. She’s cute – sounds like you’ve a great job 🙂

    I see this place has had a makeover since I was last here, I’m liking the new slick look.

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