Posted by: ~KC~ | March 2, 2009

25 Things About Me: A Foodie List

Lovingly borrowed from here  and slightly adapted to suit me!!!


As a food-fan, I’m especially fond of Food Network on TV, the most watched cable show under my roof. Food is so much a part of our lives that sharing our food-related feelings and thoughts and memories says so much about who we are. So I thought I’d combine the two and try out “25 Things: A Foodie List.” Here’s mine – memories, factoids, favorites. I’d love to see yours!


  1. I’m allergic to corn.  The actual kernel itself – I break out into hives and bloat up painfully.  I can however have corn meal, tortilla or pop corn – but there’s something in the actual kernel that if not ground, crushed to smithereens or even popped – my body cannot digest and I have an adverse reaction to it.  Strange.  No corn on the cob for me.
  2. I love Mexican food.  Now that is problematic on many levels because of the above allergy… and Mexican food contains a lot of corn.  I just have to choose carefully.
  3. My fondest childhood memories growing up in Québec was after playing for many hours in the winter cold, coming inside to the smell of homemade and freshly baked bread.  My father made the BEST homemade soups and bread – and that always stuck with me.
  4. For as long as I can remember, the kitchen at home was always simmering with something.  If it wasn’t canning fruits and vegetables, it was cooking up a storm.  After all, there were 7 kids and two adults to feed and almost everything was homemade.  No frozen diners at my house!
  5. I mentioned this in a previous Meme 25 MORE Things About Me… but growing up, loved liver.  As in the organ.  I loved it anyway it was prepared.  My father would sometimes bread it, place onion and bacon on it to bake in the oven.  Other times it was seared in a cast iron skillet (which was my favorite) with lots of onions.  It was perhaps the one food in the house that I didn’t really have to fight anyone for the last piece.  Although, as an adult, I don’t go out of my way to have it anymore but I won’t turn it away either, if offered.
  6. I remember often stealing carrots from my neighbours garden (Poor Mr. Kneller!!) when I was hungry – but they were oooooh so good!  Nothing like a fresh garden carrot.
  7. I also remember all the wild fruit trees around the neighbourhood in Kelowna that we would simply go help ourselves too.  I’ve eaten my share of fresh Apricots to last me a lifetime.  I’d be very happy to never eat an apricot again.
  8. The same can be said of strawberries.  When we moved to Québec, my step-mother’s family owned a very large produce farm.  We were cheap labour… especially during strawberry picking time.  Well – I was 6, so as you can imagine – three LARGE ones in my mouth and one small one in the basket.  Again – after a few summers of doing that – I’ve eaten my share of strawberries to last me a lifetime and am rather content never eating another one.
  9. NOW – having just said #8, really, the only REAL way I like my strawberries today is with Champagne.
  10. And the only way I like Champagne, is with strawberries.
  11. I’m not a huge red meat eater.  Which probably explains my B12 deficiency.  My doctor was pretty adamant that I was a vegetarian because I don’t consume nearly enough red meat.  Well – mostly – I don’t eat nearly enough meat. P.E.R.I.O.D.
  12. I’m NOT a fan of mashed potatoes.  In fact, I don’t care for much that is mashed.  Make them lumpy and I’d be alright… but still not a fan.
  13. I’m not a fan of gravy.  Especially the whole mash potato & gravy… ugh.  The only time I want gravy is with my Poutine… and then again, it’s not a real Poutine unless you are in Québec. 
  14. I don’t do hot ‘insert meat here’ sandwiches.  I don’t do soggy bread… and the gravy & bread thing is just revolting to me.  It falls under the same category as mashed potatoes with gravy.  Big no no.
  15. My biggest rule of thumb with regards to food is: don’t mix fruit or sweet with proteins or the main dish. P.E.R.I.O.D.  I HATE fruits with my food – fruit is a desert and should not be part of my main dish.  I don’t do (or like) fruits with my salads (unless it is an actual fruit salad) or fruit based sauces for meats.  I don’t do cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.  I don’t do pineapple on pizza or with ham.  And don’t give me a sweet – with/out sauce – with a protein or vegetables (like Mixed Bean Salad – BLAAAHH).
  16. I love Mediterranean food.  My ex showed me many amazingly wonderful foods from the Adriatic Sea region and it’s heaven on a plate.  And I can recreate most of them with tremendous ease.  I think I might have been from the Mediterranean area in a past life.  But nothing beats the first press Olive Oil his family would sent from Montenegro.
  17. Having lived in SW Ontario for 14 years – I was exposed to also some great Middle Eastern foods.  And although many spices and techniques vary, it reminds me a great deal of Mediterranean foods.
  18. I rarely follow a recipe for cooking.  And although I own MANY cook books, I only use them as a reference point and adapt it to my palate and vision.  Sometimes it works, other times, not so much.
  19. I could watch the Food Network for HOURS.  I love learning new foods and cooking techniques.  But I will change the channel for the baking segments.  Not a fan of baking.
  20. Going to farmer’s markets puts me in such a wonderful mood – it’s unreal.  I love the endless possibilities of what the fresh produce and meats present to me… and the idea of the freshness of local produce – just gets my creative juices flowing.
  21. I have often been known to buy bushels of peppers and plum (or Roma) tomatoes at farmer’s markets.  I will chop up, blanch, and freeze them.  And with the tomatoes – blanch them, peel them and make homemade tomato sauce.  It is VERY time consuming but so worth it!  I don’t do it as often as I would like but whenever I can or have the time, I do it!
  22. I also love gardening.  I remember my father’s garden growing up – all the tomatoes and the spinach – big green leafy goodness!  I would always get so excited when it was time to eat the yumminess that came from the garden – especially the Chard and Spinach.
  23. I remember my very first garden plot my father gave me, in Québec.  It didn’t have much other than a tomato plant and green peppers.  I believe the rest died.  But my tomato plant grew so big and yielded great ‘fruit’ that I was sooo proud of it!  My plot was the only one of the 4 kids to grow and do well.  I will NEVER forget that.
  24. I truly do practice the religion of good (and not so good) eating.  And I swear my waist line is its cult leader.  I’m soooo ruled by food and what it can and cannot do for you.
  25. If there was one thing I could do in this lifetime, although now not possible, but it would be to cook with both my Mom & Dad.  From what my father tells me, my mother was great fun to cook with in the kitchen… and had a killer recipe for Fried Chicken.  She took that recipe with her to the grave.  To have that opportunity, although not a reality, would be a real gift.  For they are both incredible influences to my strange but unique culinary palate and talent.  I owe it to them.


  1. I don’t do cooking, so I would easily be your friend. If you cook, I will clean – just ask my Hubby (although with my work hours, I don’t clean quite as well as I would like to).

    The only thing – I like my fruit mixed with just about everything. Not just for dessert. Trust me.

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