Posted by: ~KC~ | March 30, 2009

Delhi 2 Dublin

I don’t have the most time in the world to go into details of my last few weeks – but I can tell you that life has taken me on the most amazing ‘detour’ – and I am constantly amazed at what happens when you stop planning and start living – authentically!


So – it was Juno weekend in Vancouver, BC.

And I was absolutely blessed to be part of it.

And in the process I came across some INCREDIBLY talented musicians…

And sometimes, you come across such a fusion of musics that it can only do one thing – STOP! LISTEN! Be Amazed!


This is the case with this band… Delhi 2 Dublin.

This unique fusion of world music… Canadian style has captured my attention like no ones business!!!  I can’t stop listening to their music!  It is sooo unique that I just had to share the wealth.


I can’t wait to see them play live… and experience the best of the world all on one stage!

That… my friends… is truly – Canadian at its very best…



  1. Wow, I love this. I need more-Thanks for the hook up KC! Miss you Mami!

  2. Not quite my style, but do you realize I’ve added at least two pieces of music to my mp3 player, after discovering them on your blog?

  3. Hey KC,

    Fantastic music, thank you for posting this. I have wondered and thought about for many years the crossover of musical influences, and the relationship of these influences…celtic, through to the middle east, and then to India and beyond. This year at Port Fairy I saw other crossovers from Ghana to jazz and jazz fusion. It is so exciting to see these crossovers but they also sound absolutely fantastic as well!

    Hope you are enjoying your new life in Vancouver and had a great Easter!

  4. Never heard about them but I AM SURE I will listen to this as soon as I get home… too curious!

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